A day without laughter is a wasted day – have you ever heard this expression?

People love to look at daily funny pictures and laugh with friends just so they can get their laugh a day in. These people genuinely believe that a day without laughter is a wasted day.

Let’s look at this expression a bit more closely to fully understand what it means.

A Day without Laughter Is a Wasted Day

When you think of a wasted day, what do you think of? If you are like most people, you think of a day that was not productive. You think of not doing much with the day, and that now you lost that opportunity of time to do something meaningful with your life.

This is what most people think about when they think about wasting a day. However, the secret in a happy life is not dwelling on how much you do in a day, but rather how much you gain from that day as far as pleasure.

Yes, that’s right; it’s about the happiness you feel in that day. It’s about laughter, having a good time, and taking delight in your life. Not about just how much you can do in one day.

People who focus on what makes them happy throughout the day, rather than what makes them unhappy will often feel much better about themselves and the world around them. They also will be able to do more in a day, which ends up suffices that productivity urge that humans have such a difficult time letting go of in life.

A day without laughter is a wasted day is a good motto for a life of happiness. If you can have one laugh a day by looking at daily funny pictures or laughing with friends, you’ll start to see how your life can really change.

Try this exercise just for one week to see how it works out for you. Gather a bunch of daily funny pictures from the Internet. Keep them with you, so that each day, you can easily turn to them for help in trying to laugh. Look at the picture and try to see what you believe is funny about it. If it doesn’t work, keep searching for a funny one. Always remember, a day without laughter is a wasted day.

If you can’t find humor in any of the daily funny pictures you have chosen, turn to friends. Laugh with friends can be even more therapeutic because it fulfills you socially as well as individually with the humor.

How many times have you gone out with friends, laughed a lot, and then came home feeling renewed? It’s likely this has happened a lot, and it should be happening a lot more with a daily dose.

A Day without Laughter Is a Wasted Day

Take it a day at a time when you start to try to integrate this motto into your life. This is especially true if you aren’t used to laughing so much each day because you might start to get tired of it. You don’t want to take the joy out of laughter, which is why you should only start with one episode of laughter each day to start. From there, you can then increase the number to your desired laughing level.

Soon, you’ll be meeting the laugh a day quota without even knowing it. Now, go off to find your daily laughter, so you can start to live by the expression, a day without laughter is a wasted day.